Seaweed is the perfect superfood for the family…


There’s no doubt that seaweed is a superfood, and for great reasons. The many benefits of incorporating seaweed into your diet make it an incredible superfood for the family… the whole family!

When looking for a superfood for the family, you can’t go wrong with seaweed. Seaweed is a source of many important vitamins and nutrients which help the body grow and repair itself, including potassium, iron and calcium – which is key for bone development, particularly in children.

But seaweed isn’t just a superfood for the kids – it’s a superfood for the family. There’s been research which has produced findings to suggest seaweed can actually help in managing weight and blood sugar levels. It’s also a healthy, flavour-boosting salt replacement and has been a brain food for centuries!

Seaweed is a superfood for the family due to its essential iodine levels

What really makes seaweed a superfood for the family is the presence of iodine – a key nutritional element which aids the normal function of our bodies in various ways (see below). In the UK, up to 76% of school-aged girls suffer from an iodine deficiency, and the UK is also one of only two well-developed countries in the top 10 iodine deficient countries in the world.

superfood for the family

Iodine is vital for children and during pregnancy, making seaweed an essential superfood for the family.

Research that seaweed is a superfood for the family, even during pregnancy, can be found in The Lancet, whose results show the “importance of adequate iodine status during early gestation and emphasise the risk that iodine deficiency can pose to the developing infant, even in a country classified as only mildly iodine deficient. Iodine deficiency in pregnant women in the UK should be treated as an important public health issue that needs attention.”

During pregnancy, many recommend having a slightly higher iodine intake as compared to when not pregnant. Research has shown children born from iodine sufficient women had higher IQ’s than those who were born from iodine deficient women. This continues through childhood.

I superfood for the family Seaweed’s supply offers significant levels of iodine in every harvest, allowing for EU approved health claims which show seaweed as a superfood for the family. These claims are:

superfood for the family Normal Growth of Children  superfood for the family Normal Thyroid Function  superfood for the family  Normal Cognitive Function
superfood for the family
Maintenance of Normal Skin   superfood for the family Energy Yielding Metabolism
superfood for the family
Normal Functioning Nervous System

So how do you introduce this superfood for the family into family life?
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Add this superfood for the family into your everyday cooking
Using our Seaweed Superfood Powder is an excellent way to add seaweed into your recipes from bread and cakes, to casseroles and smoothies. Less that 1 teaspoon is all it takes, so why not give it a try and boost the nutritional content of your meals? For ideas and inspiration look at our recipes with seaweed page >>

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Seaweed& Protect is an even better way of introducing seaweed as a superfood for the family…

With the introduction of our new micro-encapsulated Seaweed& Protect powder, it becomes even easier to include seaweed as a superfood for the family into every meal – no matter what it is! That’s because Seaweed& Protect has been proven to improve nutrient release and reduce any negative flavours, meaning you can use it in even the sweetest dishes!

You can even introduce this superfood for the family in the form of capsules – just two a day give you all the benefits you need!

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Choose seaweed as a superfood for the family. All seaweed is good, but some is just better!

At I superfood for the family Seaweed, we pride ourselves on providing only traceable, sustainable seaweed carefully sourced from the pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides. This helps ensure every batch contains the most benefits, and makes seaweed a brilliant superfood for the family.

So why not start today and introduce seaweed as a superfood for the family? Whether through capsules or cooking, your body will thank you!

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