Women’s health: how can seaweed help?

Seaweed is essential for women’s health…

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Women’s health is complicated. Women have differing nutritional needs at different stages of their lives, and can often have societal pressures placed on them to look a certain way – all of which can effect women’s health overall.

These factors can result in nutrient deficiencies which may cause health risks. That’s where seaweed comes in: seaweed can play a part in helping to manage women’s health and nutrition.

Obviously, weight management is an important part of both men’s and women’s health (seaweed can even lend a helping hand in this!) but the focus on weight can have detrimental effects on other dietary requirements.

During a 2016 publication in the Nutrition Bulletin, the British Nutrition Foundation highlighted that the focus on obesity is leading to sub-groups of society, particularly young women, excluding certain food groups from their diet that may be thought to be high in calories, such as dairy. In doing so, key nutrients, including iodine, may be insufficient in the diet, and women’s health overall can suffer.

Iodine is essential to women’s health. It is astounding that the UK has one of the world’s worst iodine deficiency levels, and that 66% of adult women and 76% of young girls have a diet insufficient in iodine.


For women’s health, iodine is vital. Iodine is one of the essential elements required for normal human growth and development. The body needs iodine to make thyroid hormones. These hormones control the body’s metabolism and many other important functions. Getting enough iodine is important for everyone, especially infants and women who are pregnant.  As the body does not make iodine itself, it is essential to women’s health that iodine is obtained as part of the diet.

Seaweed is a great source of iodine and beneficial to women’s health

There are a wide range of seaweeds globally, with over 10,000 different species. The species used in the I women's health Seaweed products is selected in part as a good source of iodine, which is key to women’s health. Clinical studies, in which our own Doctor Seaweed® was involved, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, demonstrated the key I women's health Seaweed species to be a good source of iodine, one which stayed in the body longer when compared to artificial iodine sources.

How does iodine benefit women’s health?

With limited or no iodine in top soil, and thus in land plants, the main sources of iodine are seafood and dairy (and seaweed of course!)

By using I women's health Seaweed products, the EU has approved health claims linked to the iodine levels that are particularly relevant for women’s health, and pregnant women’s health. High levels of iodine in our seaweed contribute to:

 women's healthNormal Growth of Children   women's healthNormal Thyroid Function    women's healthNormal Cognitive Function
women's healthMaintenance of Normal Skin    women's healthEnergy Yielding Metabolism
women's healthNormal Functioning Nervous System

Introducing seaweed into your daily diet through our Superfood Seaweed Capsules or Superfood Seaweed Powders will provide adequate iodine for all the family, and will provide benefits to women’s health.

When it comes to women’s health, make sure you know what you’re getting

Ensuring a sustainable, traceable, high quality supply of seaweed is essential to for getting the most benefits to women’s health into your diet.  Our I women's health Seaweed products are specially selected by Doctor Seaweed® to ensure you’re only getting the best seaweed available.

Each batch of seaweed harvested for the I women's health Seaweed range is tested for iodine levels in independent and accredited UK laboratories. This ensures a level of knowledge unsurpassed, and guarantees the necessary iodine for women’s health in every batch.

It is important that products containing seaweed state both the type of seaweed, its provenance and a typical iodine level. This ensures you the consumer know all about what you are eating.  We love seaweed, as the name implies, but we also know there are some poor products out there and we don’t want them ruining the positive message that seaweed brings as a nutritious and sustainable food which really can benefit women’s health. Doctor Seaweed® contributed to a research study on this very subject in 2015.

The seaweed used in the I women's health Seaweed products is 100% natural, organic and kosher Scottish seaweed. It’s harvested, dried and then milled. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away. We want to benefit women’s health the natural way.

Incorporating seaweed into a busy life is key to improving women’s health

Two capsules a day can benefit women’s health
Taking seaweed in capsule form is a great way to incorporate seaweed into your daily diet. Our seaweed is simply dried, milled and placed into capsules. Just two capsules a day provides the necessary iodine for improving women’s health and providing the essential benefits of iodine.

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Adding seaweed into everyday cooking can also benefit women’s health
Using our Seaweed Superfood Powder is excellent way to add seaweed into all your recipes from bread and cakes, to casseroles and smoothies. In many recipes, you won’t even know it’s there, but your body will enjoy the nutrients. Less that 1 teaspoon is all it takes, so it seems crazy not to add some for the benefit of women’s health. For ideas and inspiration look at our recipes with seaweed page >>

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For more information on any of the benefits to women’s health shown above, get in touch with the Doctor himself at info@iloveseaweed.co.uk.