Should you be using seaweed as a salt replacement?

Salt is the UK’s most popular seasoning, but we all know that too much salt isn’t good for you, so should you be using seaweed as a salt replacement? Could seaweed be the answer to losing the side effects whilst keeping the flavour?

seaweed as a salt replacement

An article by Food and Drink Europe discusses the controversial results of the UK’s salt reduction targets. According to the survey, the average British adult’s intake of salt fell by 0.9g per day between 2005 (when the average was 8.8g) and 2014 (when the average was 8.0g), resulting in an 11% decrease in salt intake overall.

But these figures caused a stir when public health campaigners Consensus Action on Salt (CASH) found some confusion over whether the average intake in 2011 was indeed 8.5g (as stated in the study) or 8.1g, based on their own methodology. They thought it was unclear exactly how Public Health England had carried out their calculations.

This questions whether our reduced salt intake really is such a great result. 8.0g as an average salt intake still sits well above the recommended maximum of 6g of salt per day. This shows that there’s a still a lot of work to do when it comes to weaning the British public off eating too much salt.

Efforts must be made to reduce the amount of salt in manufactured food, particularly take-aways and ready meals. Doctor Seaweed is here to ask: what can we do about it? Should we all be using seaweed as a salt replacement?

Using seaweed as a salt replacement

We all know that salt makes food tastier. That’s why it’s widely recognised as the world’s most popular seasoning. It’s the perfect flavour enhancer and unfortunately that makes it easy to ignore the warnings about too much salt, and hard to kick the habit of using it.

But fear not! Ditching salt doesn’t have to mean losing out on tastiness. Using seaweed as a salt replacement has all the same flavour boosting benefits of salt, and none of the health worries. Seaweed has been thoroughly researched and applied commercially as a natural, safe, and enjoyable salt replacement. Whether cooking with sauces, meats, soups, baked goods and, of course, fish – seaweed has proven itself to be a widely successful healthy flavour enhancer.

Seaweed & Co. produce only the finest quality seaweed for consumption, sourcing it naturally from the pure waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides. The Ascophyllum Nodosum species they use contains several glutamates that can enhance flavours in other food, eradicating the need for salt. Not only this, but such high quality seaweed contains a whole host of health benefits, from vitamins, minerals and clearing your skin, to weight management and providing an excellent source of iodine. This is world class seaweed to bring your food to life.

Seaweed & Co. provides full traceability, the highest standards of production, and the only DNA Authenticated Seaweed on the market. And it’s only this seaweed which is used in I Love Seaweed’s products.

Salt reduction is one of the easiest ways to make your diet healthier, and I Love Seaweed can make it possible. The seaweed we provide brings both flavour and goodness, meaning you’ll be able to cut out salt and not even miss it!

We also produce seaweed capsules which provide a quick and simple way of getting seaweed and all its benefits into your eating habits. Just two capsules a day give you a good source of potassium, calcium and magnesium, as well as providing a healthy dose of iodine.

So what are you waiting for? Ditch the salt today and choose seaweed instead. Gram for gram, no other superfood compares. Get in touch with Doctor Seaweed for more tips on a healthier lifestyle.

Remember, all seaweed is good but some is just better!