Spring clean your body and get healthy with seaweed!

We tried in January, but spring is the real best time to get fit and healthy. Could you get healthy with seaweed this spring?

The beginning of 2017 brought a lot of excitement to the world of healthy eating, including the rise in popularity of one of the world’s oldest and greatest superfoods: seaweed. Whether in the UK, India, or even South Africa, the buzz around seaweed hasn’t died down.

But Doctor Seaweed believes that spring is the best time to get healthy with seaweed. The sun is shining, the days are longer, and we all partake in a good spring clean. This should include our bodies too!

Get healthy with seaweed

Seaweed and weight management

Detailed research by companies such as Seaweed & Co. and partner universities into seaweed has found a huge amount of benefits associated with the food. One that really caught our eye was the fact that it can aid with weight loss and management. There are a few different ways you can get healthy with seaweed, so let’s explore them.

Fat absorption

Research on a specific species of seaweed – polysaccharides – has found that this breed of sea plant can inhibit the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of fats. This results in less fat being absorbed, as more of it simply passes through the body and is excreted.


Polysacchirides has also been found to house another benefit. Research uncovered that it can act as a natural gelling agent, resulting in delayed stomach emptying which can increase and prolong feelings of fullness. Following on from this, people eating seaweed enriched bread were found to consume significantly less calories during their next meal compared to those eating a control bread.

Blood sugar management

Research into other species of seaweed has discovered even more benefits. Polyphenols has been found to show inhibition of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates. This results in carbohydrates being broken down more slowly, which means a slower release of sugars to the blood. Therefore, consuming polyphenols is similar to eating slow release foods such as porridge, which manage blood sugar release when compared to high sugar items like milk chocolate, which give an initial spike followed by a crash, causing hunger.


Iodine helps contribute to a normal functioning metabolism, and seaweed is chockfull of it. Most women in the UK suffer from an iodine deficiency, which can result in a number of health concerns. Ensuring you get the right species of seaweed from the right supply is vital to getting the most out of your superfood. Iodine is a key trace ingredient in seaweed, so you know where your supply is coming from.

The other benefits of seaweed

Although seaweed can help in managing your weight, it can also do a lot more. Seaweed has a huge amount of other benefits to it.

Seaweed is one of few natural resources which meets all the mega-trends of health, food and energy. It delivers many of the necessary vitamins and minerals we need to survive and prosper, and could be your secret weapon for spring cleaning your body.

Rich in iodine, magnesium, calcium and iron, seaweed feeds your body all the good stuff it needs. Even your skin and hair can reap the rewards, helping you feel good inside and out.

Try swapping out salt for seaweed as your new flavour enhancer. It’s quick, easy and tasty without damaging your body!

I Love Seaweed capsules are the easiest way to bring seaweed into your diet

Spring cleaning your body has never been easier thanks to I Love Seaweed capsules. Just two capsules a day gives you all the vitamins and minerals you need to benefit from all that seaweed has to offer. Get in touch today to find out what Doctor Seaweed could do for you.