Why have seaweed in your diet?
Seaweed is the original superfood, with a presence of all the minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. No other foods can compare to this superfood.

Seaweed is a highly nutritious addition to your diet and a natural good source of Iodine. Our Superfood Seaweed Capsules are a great way to incorporate seaweed into everyday life, benefiting from the many health benefits seaweed provides.

Ascophyllum Nodosum

Ascophyllum nodosum
For the I love Seaweed range, Doctor Seaweed has specially selected Hebridean Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.  This is due to its immense nutritional profile, excellent source of natural iodine, high quality, and as it is a very sustainable species and supply chain. Several studies have show a correlation between this species and: 

•    Weight management
•    Keep you fuller longer
•    Manage blood sugar release

EU Approved Health Claim “high energy yielding metabolism”

Why choose Doctor Seaweed?
Doctor Seaweed knows his seaweed and carefully selects only the best. The Hebridean Ascophyllum Seaweed used in these superfood seaweed capsules is sustainably wild harvested from pristine Scottish waters, low temperature dried, and then milled using proprietary technologies.  Each batch is DNA Authenticated, with full traceability to ensure the highest possible quality.  Independent analysis shows this seaweed is higher on key measures of quality in comparison to other brands.

Seaweed is a natural good source of Iodine
These Seaweed capsules are a good source of iodine, a nutrient that contributes to:

•    Energy Yielding Metabolism
•    Normal Thyroid Function
•    Normal Cognitive Function
•    Maintenance of Normal Skin
•    Normal Growth of Children
•    Normal Functioning Nervous System

How does seaweed compare to other superfoods?
In comparison to other superfoods, seaweed is extremely beneficial. Take a look at the gram for gram comparison shown on the chart below where you can clearly see seaweed is way better than the other top superfoods on the market today.